Friday, December 19, 2008

Product review--dinner rolls

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This is my new favorite food product--multigrain rolls from Rhodes. You buy a bag in the freezer section, and then throw it in your freezer at home. Whenever you want some buns for sloppy joe, or just some rolls for your meal, you set a few out in the morning. By dinnertime, they've risen and you just pop them in the oven. Voila, fresh-baked rolls (that rose, no less) with almost no effort or dirty dishes. And while they have more ingredients than your home-baked roll, they do have whole grains and are way ahead of most refrigerated or frozen breads/rolls nutritionally speaking.
As for taste, everyone I've served them to has loved them and some even thought I made them myself.
So--taste, nutrition, convenience (including being able to prepare just a couple at a time) all come together in one package. I'm loving it!


linda said...

Sounds like a great idea. Do these bake up as large as a hamburger bun or are they smaller like a dinner roll? I hate buying a package of 8 buns when there are only two of us now. I always end up throwing some out. I may have to try these rolls. Thanks for the idea.

Anastasia said...

Size wise, they are closer to a dinner roll, so I just eat two. I guess if you were using them for hamburgers instead of sloppy joe, you would have to make small burgers!