Friday, December 5, 2008

Tree trimming

(Picasa has new collage options!)
Tree trimming in Michigan was supposed to be simple this year. Alex's itinerary for the day was 1. Grade some papers. 2. Carry the tree upstairs. 3. Grade more papers.
It was a little more complicated than that. Match the text to the above pictures.
1. Grade papers.
2. Carry tree upstairs.
3. Insert tree branches sorted by wife and her aunt.
4. Steady the tree while wife checks to see why it's crooked. (This was unsuccessful--the tree stayed crooked and then part of it fell on me.)
5. Grade more papers.
6. Visit other relatives.
7. Come back to discover Grandma had bought another tree!
8. Carry tree inside.
9. Unpack it, untie it, and shake it out. (It has lights attached, multicolored LED lights. The blue ones are so bright that Grandma replaced as many as she could with the spare red ones!)
10. Grade more papers.
11. Drive home the next day, and get tree up from basement.
12. Sort and insert branches.
13. Untangle lights, 75% of which no longer work. (How does this happen??)
14. Go to Walmart to purchase white LED lights.
15. Light tree. Wait a week for wife to finish putting ornaments and tree skirt on.
My husband, the Christmas tree hero!
(For the record, Alex did get all his grading done, too!)
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Kristin said...

This post and the last one left me a)laughing, b)longing to see you and have Christmas and mashed potatoes, and c)glad for your witty writing. I just finished a draft of my statement of purpose--which I should send to Alex, now that I'm thinking about it, and I'm heading to bed. I'll see you in about a week!