Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cleo's new favorite place

No, we haven't hooked our cat up to life support. He's really doing quite well, considering his age (15 or so). What happened is this: I got fed up with the unsightly mess of cords in our living room. So I put this basket in between our recliners behind the end table to get it out of sight and then Alex rearranged and put all the cords in it. Apparently we didn't put enough stuff in it, because I've found Cleo curled up in it several times today already. I don't relish the idea of his being so close to the cords, so I'll probably end up having two baskets back there--one for him and one for the cords. He looks so cozy, and it would be easier than vaccuuming the couch all the time....
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